Centauro offers a complete line of fuel, brake and radiator pipes that are universal and perfectly compatible with all motorbikes. Centauro pipes are of the same quality as the original, available in various diameters and branded with the customer’s logo on request.

The range consists of 5 types:

  • TYPE A: made of polyurethane, it withstands an extended temperature range (from -70 to +110 °C) and guarantees high durability through time,
  • TYPE B: made of NBR rubber and therefore suitable for high temperatures (from -20 to +130 °C) and low pressures.
  • TYPE C: is the entry level model, made of PVC and guarantees average performance (temperature range from -15 to +80 °C).
  • TYPE D: made of polyurethane and NBR with specific canvas reinforcement to withstand high pressures (up to 10 bar) and offer maximum durability.
  • TYPE E: the highest performing pipe, made of NBR with external fabric reinforcement to withstand high temperatures and pressures (temperature range from -30 to +120 °C, maximum pressure up to 15 bar).
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