Centauro’s history began in 1958 in Arcore, which was chosen as the production hub of the Piaggio and Gilera group at the time.

Founded as the primary supplier of these two large motorbike manufacturers, it took its name from here, after the old Centaurs, great motorbike enthusiasts.

The name also gave rise to the company logo, which features the Centaur, a mythological animal that is half man and half horse, replacing the shield with a globe to indicate the company’s spirit, aiming to reach out to markets all over the world.



Centauro incorporates Infinity Parts. The result is a group with a high level of production know-how in all industrial sectors.



In February CENTAURO obtains the new UNI EN ISO9001:2015 (ISO 9001:2015) quality system certification.


In 2009, the year of the world crisis, CENTAURO went completely against the trend and invested in the construction of a 70 KW photovoltaic system fully integrated in the roof. This project allowed the company to contribute to the protection of the planet.


Infinity Parts is founded, specialized in the production of gaskets and sealing elements for car, truck and tractor engines.


Relocation to a larger, more modern plant in Agrate Brianza (MB).


Centauro acquired a small artisan company located in the province of Pordenone to specialize in the production of both flat and preformed membranes for the automotive pressure reducer sector.

This led to the creation of an aftermarket catalogue dedicated exclusively to this sector.


Centauro obtains ISO9001 quality system certification for the first time to add greater efficiency and effectiveness to its processes and organization.


The successes continued and the constant desire for growth led CENTAURO to take over a small production facility based in Milan. Javello, this is the name of the company that was taken over 100%, transferring all the know-how, the machinery, the raw materials warehouse and the customer base.


Centauro moves from Arcore (MI) to Concorezzo (MI). The new, larger plant allows the company to invest in the purchase of new, more modern production machinery.


Centauro decides to take another improvement in quality by transforming the company from a “s.n.c.” into a “s.r.l.”.


The desire to launch the company into new markets led CENTAURO to make new investments by creating a catalogue of aftermarket spare parts for the agricultural sector.


CENTAURO expands its product range to create a motorbike catalogue initially dedicated to the vintage motorbike aftermarket.


In July, the company CENTAURO S.N.C. was established at the home of Mr. Rustici, who gave life to what is still one of the long-lasting companies specialized in the production of gaskets.