A wide range of transformable raw materials to always offer the ideal product

Metals and alloys

Centauro offers a wide range of metal raw materials such as steel, stainless steel, copper, iron or aluminum in various shapes and thicknesses.

We design and produce metal parts in cooperation with the customer, using our know-how to offer the best solution in terms of cost-efficiency.

Thermal and acoustic insulation

We are able to provide a wide range of insulation products, specifically thermal and sound absorbing materials, such as vermiculite, polyethylene, polyurethane, melamine resins and fibers.

Depending on the final application, Centauro can offer different materials, sizes and thicknesses to achieve optimum performance in all conditions of use.

Cellulose and oil-resistant fibers

Used in applications where they need to resist oil such as agricultural machinery, speed reducers and engines, these materials are based on cellulose fiber with the addition of adhesives or elastomers as a binder.

Other applications for cellulose fibers include water pumps and electromechanics.

Composite materials

Composite materials consist of a matrix and a reinforcement. They are made in two or more phases with different properties and physical characteristics, the combination of which significantly increases the performance of the individual constituent phases.

We supply different types of composite materials with metal, paper or asbestos-free matrixes, depending on the application and the sealing function they have to perform.

Compact and expanded rubbers

Rubbers are widely used to provide customers with the best sealing, insulation and vibration reduction solutions.

We have available a range of materials including NBR, FKM, EPDM and silicones.

Aramid Fibers and Armoured Fibers

We offer a wide range of these asbestos-free materials in different varieties of thicknesses and configurations, ideal for making gaskets due to their strength, tightness and adaptability.

Centauro is an authorized distributor of aramid fibers from the world leader Victor Reinz and offers armoured materials, generally consisting of a central metal core and two panels of asbestos-free material on either side.

Our commercial and logistics team is available to answer your requirements with courtesy and professionalism. Logistics and customer service have always played a key role in CENTAURO.

Our technicians and sales staff are at your disposal for any request

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