Our gaskets are used in various industrial sectors, starting with the world of vehicle manufacturers, and then for seals in general, for flanges, for water pumps, for taps or terminal blocks.

They can be made of metal, asbestos-free, paper-based material or rubberized sheet metal with ribbing for more demanding applications.

CENTAURO, thanks to its great experience gained in over 50 years of experience as well as to the high level of training of its technical department, is able to produce any type of gasket according to the customer’s drawing or sample in any raw material, giving its full technical support during all phases from design to final testing. Thanks to our labs, we are able to carry out all kinds of leakage tests on our seals and provide all types of certification available.

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Our commercial and logistics team is available to answer your requirements with courtesy and professionalism. Logistics and customer service have always played a key role in CENTAURO.

Our technicians and sales staff are at your disposal for any request

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