Hydraulics is a branch of fluid dynamics that deals with the study of energy transmission through pressurised fluids, in particular hydraulic oil (energy carrier). The hydraulics and motion transmission sector has many fields of application, including: power transmissions, agricultural machinery, hydraulic power packs and lifting systems. Woodworking machinery and textile processing machinery. Gearboxes and other speed changers, differential axles and planetary gearboxes. 

CENTAURO offers this sector a wide range of gaskets, washers, piston rod seals, static and dynamic seals, as well as high-pressure couplings for control units, distributors, pumps, etc.

We can supply raw materials for filters (polyurethanes) in any degree of filtration on the “PPI” measurement scale, in any shape or colour. Custom gaskets produced in any raw material suitable and compatible for contact with any type of oil.

Other Centauro products are:

  • O-Rings of all types
  • PTFE parts
  • Pressure gauge covers and rubber protectors
  • Locking washers
  • Hydraulic manifolds
  • Metal components for filters
  • Slipper rings in filled PTFE
  • Vibration dampers
  • Suction cups
  • Shim rings
  • Custom spacers
  • Axial washers for needle roller bearings
  • Flat and convex honeycomb washers
  • Phonic wheels
  • Washers
  • Components for brake and clutch discs
  • Reed valves for viscous couplings
  • Anti-rotation washers
  • Oil seals

Our commercial and logistics team is available to answer your requirements with courtesy and professionalism. Logistics and customer service have always played a key role in CENTAURO.

Our technicians and sales staff are at your disposal for any request

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