The criteria for hiring suppliers have changed, as they are called to guarantee product quality and great flexibility. Dario Varisco talks about its strategy and how he won his challenge against the crisis.

It is no longer the lowest price that entices the different branches of contemporary industry. It’s the research of a proven product quality, combined with the flexibility. A trustworthy supplier must be able to create any item, according to the timing and customization needs of the customer, in any quantity.
Centauro Srl, a leading company in Europe in the study and production of high-performance gaskets and sealing elements, has accepted the challenge, adapting its offer to the changing needs of the companies of which it is a partner.
A concrete response to the sharp contraction in the market that began in 2009, which did not prevent the Brianza-based company from recording a +6 percent increase over the last year, with a significant increase in profit.